Tuesday Rolls Around

So today is another day.

I woke up with the plan to make stew, cause you know, it takes all day.

It doesn’t.  It takes a few hours, but if I start it when M is on his way home, we will eat soon enough.

But I did eat, and I have a snack/lunch to eat as soon as it cools down.

I am also writing the Once Upon a Time story.  I finally have their first kiss, where I wanted it and the changes it has wrought will affect quite a bit.

I also have to go back and edit one of the previous chapters to make it where the conversation I had on the beanstalk with the two fits better.

Though, it is much easier to write this since I watched ahead. MY muse is loving the story again.

I won’t lie though, getting up was not easy and I want nothing more than to take a nap.  I had Stormy attacking my feet and waking me up and everything that happened in the house working to wake me up again and again.

But right now there is no one home, no one to bother me.  Well, the animals, but it is easy to make them leave me alone.

Tomorrow is the gym, but I am looking forward to it.  I need to get some of this tension out of me, and letting my body work on it at the gym sounds good to me.

I am starting the planning out of the month, how and when I will be doing stuff.  I will be gone for a long time, but the weather in Tucson is never… easy I guess is the word.  You can never plan for it, since it can change as much as 30 or more degrees in a day.

Since it is the beginning of winter, they are still having warm days.  And cold nights.

I will be bringing t-shirts and sweatshirts.  With a few other stuff.  The easy thing is PJ’s.  I open the window in our room, (they are smokers and I like to be cold. It works that I have a room that is less smokey.  Though, when I am there, they try to smoke outside as much as possible.) And that is when they are cold.  40’s and lower.

Even luckier for me, they are higher in elevation than Tucson, so it gets COLDER.  I love the cold.

So, the week before we leave, I will be pulling out the winter clothing, actually unpacking the socks this year, (last year I didn’t and I regretted it!) Washing everything, and pretty much packing it all away early.  That way that Tuesday, all I will need to do is wash whatever there is the clothes basket, pack the essentials.  I will take a shower that night, and the following morning wake up, get ready, and pack up Connor’s stuff.

Then we will be off to M’s workplace.

Before hand, I have presents to wrap for family here.  Banners to make for the writing contest.  And whatever comes up between now and then.

And for some reason, that makes me kinda happy.  ok.  More like looking forward to it.

I like being busy, and I think that time will be busy, all doing things I like to do.

I’m off to write more on the chapter, then maybe, go and work on editing Sacred.

Write a chapter for Best, then edit a Chapter for Sacred, as well as writing a chapter for that?  Sounds like heaven.



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