Another Tuesday

How sad is it I feel guilty for getting a late start today?

I finished Clocks last night, I also did the post for today’s prompt, but I feel like I failed in some way.

Yeah, some of it is because I gave into Stormy and her cuteness in wanting to spend time with me, but still.  I should have more self-control.

Last night was one for the books.

My cousin’s new husband, and father of her youngest shot himself by accident last night.

He got out of his car from work, and reached back in for his Glock, which don’t have safeties.  It went off, shooting him in the upper thigh, hitting the main artery there.

Luckily for him, my cousin was home still, running late for dance practice, and ran out, telling her young daughter (5) to call 911.  Her brother ran from his house that is next door, and literally saved K’s life.

He put a tourniquet on his leg, and held pressure for what the tourniquet didn’t stop.

It took a half an hour for the ambulance to come, thinking it was a normal gun shot wound.

Finally, Life Flight had to be called, (we live in a rural area, and they live further out, however, there is a ambulance that was close.  My cousin used to be a firefighter and knew what was going on) and they had to stablize him to take off.

AFterwards, he had a 10-12 surgery and then was in ICU.  His foot was blue.

Luckily, today he has a pulse in his leg and can move his toes, though he cannot feel them.

Needless to say, the family is shook up.  We keep checking on my grandma, since she is home alone, everyone is at the hospital.  I live about 15 minutes from her, so if she needs anything, we can be there for her.

It does make you think about life and how little things like this happen.  A simple accident can end a life.

I am going to try to lose myself in my work as we await more news.  Life has to go on.  Me going to the hospital is a bad idea, since I have to calm myself even when visiting for my nephew’s births.

I spent way too long in one with my dad, and I cannot shake that time.  I was too young.  Of course, when is anyone old enough to deal with their parent in the hospital fighting for their life?

Talk to you guys later.



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