Good morning!

I have been busy lately.  I started back to the gym (yeah me!) and I even achieved something so far.

There is a machine that I want to use, but it is HARD.  Even when I was going more often, I could barely do 5 minutes.  Think the Stairmaster, which is the first stage, then as you lengthen your strides you get to where you can run on the thing.

It is all on bands and less stressful than the Elliptical on your joints.  And I have strict orders not to be hard on my joints especially my knees.

So I do my exercise on the bicycle (doing the couch potato to 5k app!!) and then move on to the machine from hell.  Monday was a proud achievement.  I finished 5 minutes with a minute slowdown/stop for a drink.  Since I am to do this 3 days a week, I didn’t go Tuesday.  Wednesday (yesterday) I did it, and no stopping for 4 minutes, then a 5 minute cool down on the elliptical.

I am doing this.

Next week I plan on hitting the weights.  Monday arms, Wednesday legs, and Friday being all of them on a row of machines.  And the following week to add in a stretching exercise on Tuesday and Thursday.

I am taking this slow and easy.  Especially since I will be gone from the gym from End of November – January.  During that time, I am not supposed to run on pavement, so I will be walking those days to make sure I don’t lose anything from not being in the gym.  And the stretching exercises.

I am also trying to get me to wake earlier.  Since my mom has been staying up later and later, I don’t have the freedom to write like I need at night.  Therefore, I am going to aim for mornings.  If I miss, then no biggie.  I will just work from when I get up.  But the alarm will be set, and it will help some.

I also found some things, like I need to have a candle burning in the house, (apple spice) and tea to help me focus better.  At least I think so. I did all this on Tuesday and worked like a fiend.

Then yesterday I hardly did anything.

So today, tea is brewing, candle is lit, and I will be opening my document and hopefully finishing this group of chapters.

I also had some odd thoughts over the last few days.

  1. Are we taking the Gluten free things too far when my shampoo bottle declares itself gluten free? (are you going to eat it?)
  2. How strange am I that I cannot control my own brain?
  3. If leaves are shed here in Houston, why don’t they change colors? (I know there is a science reason but still….)
  4. Who eats shampoo?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?

Yeah that one is really bugging me and bugs me the more I see it on the shampoo.  I mean I can understand the no salt part.  You don’t want that if you have died hair.  But gluten free?

And has anyone ever got so bored of stuff that they can’t find anything to do?

I find myself there, and trying not to be a workaholic, I am trying to find something else to do.

but.. saying that I wonder why I am doing that?  Writing is what I enjoy.  My brain is all full of ideas and story lines and plots.  Some of them relevant to what I have open for stories.  So why am I hesitating?

Some of it, is that I get tired of being talked to… and when I put on the headphones signaling that I am working, I still get asked questions.

Now, sometimes the Facebook annoys me, when people other than the ones I want to talk to pop up, but most of them are awesome about me telling them that I am trying to work.

Like yesterday, I was talking with three betas over different things, and a couple of times other people popped up.  They were nice about leaving me alone.

Now… the reason I have Facebook open all the time is so the Betas can contact me.  Sometimes it is over just chatting, but as I mentioned yesterday, those chats can spark ideas.

Anything can spark them, but my ladies are the most attuned with me, and when I stop them all and say hold on…..  They know that there is something brewing there.

Plus they are the ones who cheer me on when they know about stories that you guys have no idea about.  They tell me no, it is not too odd an idea.  (which I actually need often.)

I also get to know them, and know if they have stuff coming up so I can plan around it.

Well, that is everything I can think of for now.  The candle is scenting the air, the tea is cooled enough for me to drink (ok sip but you get the idea) so I am off to work!



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